Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (AATF)

Ripon Recycling Ltd. are registered as an Approved Authorised Treatment Facilty (AATF) with the Environment Agency.

An AATF is a licensed ATF site carrying out treatment on waste electrical and electronic wastes. Treatment can include depollution, disassembly, shredding, recovery or preparation for disposal. Any operator of a site or sites receiving WEEE direct from a designated collection facility (DCF), distributor or end-user can apply to become approved.

We can issue evidence notes for the treatment, recovery or recycling of WEEE that takes place on our sites. The evidence relates to treatment, recovery and recycling being carried out on site, or to further treatment, recovery and recycling carried out at further sites.

The evidence notes will be required by Producer Compliance Schemes on behalf of “producers” who will need to prove that a certain amount of WEEE has been treated, recovered and recycled.

As an AATF, we can produce all necessary evidence to support our treatment, recovery and recycling activities.